Match-3 , second version - 15/09/2017

This is my first update for this game. And hopefully more to come.  :)

I realize that the game right now is in big need for some menu, where for example the sound can be controlled and maybe some little system which shows the possible matches, if the player can't find one. This is probably what the next updates will bring.

I had some ups and downs with the development  again - just as always.  :)

First I am writing  the game as being 3D, while usually these kind of games are made in 2D and I got some problems on how to handle gravity well, and how to balance between waiting the game for the fall to happen and still not making the player wait too much between two cube swaps. 

Then all those things flying around, explosions and things caused performance issues. My video card is quite old itself, in this case maybe fortunately, because I was forced to optimize the game  for lower  performance.  :) 

The sounds - I am slightly unsure if the sounds are okay as they are.  If it bothers anyone's ears just please let me know. :)  This was my first time with audio development. 

Effects - actually they are particles. I got to explore a new area with them in the game development - and it was fun.  What you see here is already a refined version of what I first wanted to upload. Really it was so full of particles sometimes that it was hard to see the cubes from them. :D

And the special cubes themselves. This was the most work from coding point of view. (The others were more Unity related) I needed to give my cube game objects special components to hold the information related to special cubes. And integrate them all along the whole code.  I needed some new functions to handle how the special cubes would destroy the others, and I had to rework how the points being calculated. 

By reading this post over it maybe doesn't seem so, but I learnt plenty again. I remember once i was discussing just this exact matter with one of my teachers years ago. And  then I got to realize something: While someone is in the learning to create something new, they maybe don't feel it being easy. But upon finishing it they would look back and start to wonder: What was so hard about this? And probably this is exactly the sign of that something was learnt. :) 

 See you till the next update! ;)


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Sep 15, 2017

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